19 May 2010

Morning Report: local papers

5:25 pm on 19 May 2010

Wednesday's headlines: Plastic cutlery re-used on long distance flights; $300 million tax dodge tipped to be ended in the Budget; council credit card spending averaged $5000 last year in Christchurch.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald reports the party seems to be over for after-ball parties: at least four have been axed as organisers run for cover after a crackdown and concerns over teen drunkenness.

Plastic cutlery on some Air New Zealand long distance flights is re-used up to 10 times before being thrown away. Qantas makes its stocks last even longer - one of its suppliers says plastic knives, forks and spoons are used as many as 30 times.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post says a $300 million tax dodge - under which half the country's rich don't pay the top tax rate - will be cracked by changes tipped in the Budget.

Prime Minister John Key said on Tuesday that tax-avoidance loopholes were being targeted.

Mark Noble of Lower Hutt has achieved his dream of becoming an international chess grandmaster, after 36 years in the sport.

The Press

The Press reports Christchurch City Council staff with council credit cards spent an average of almost $5000 on them last year.

Christchurch residents have rubbished a crackdown on wheelie-bin collection, accusing the council of being pedantic and unreasonable.

The council announced last week it would clamp down on overful bins, following complaints about rubbish spilling on to footpaths. Residents from Redwood to Cashmere are outraged that their bins were not collected this week, despite being only 2cm open. The council is unrepentant: it says the lids must be completely flat.


The Otago Daily Times reports that reconfiguring or removing the one-way state highway system in north Dunedin is being described as inconceivable in the short term.

A district court judge has singled out drink-driving behaviour as being responsible for mayhem on the roads in South Otago.