20 May 2010

Council considers city-wide liquor ban proposal

1:30 pm on 20 May 2010

Some people making submissions about a proposed city wide liquor ban for Wellington say the plan is not the solution to aggressive and intimidating behaviour in public.

The Wellington City Council is considering whether to adopt a 24 hour, seven day a week ban across the entire city.

If the proposal is adopted, Wellington would become the first main centre to introduce a city-wide liquor ban in public places at all times.

Of the 594 written submissions made, 133 were in favour of the bylaw and 461 against it.

Five out of the first six submissions to be made in person on Thursday were against the bylaw.

Those opposed to it say antisocial behaviour is the problem, not drinking in public.

The proposal was spurred on by increasing reports of drunken disorder in the suburb of Newtown.

The council says if the bylaw is passed, people would be able to drink in public by obtaining a permit.