31 May 2010

Evacuated Napier homeowner has fingers crossed

4:04 pm on 31 May 2010

Civil Defence in Napier says a family evacuated from their home on Saturday night will find out on Monday if they can return home.

A major slip in Faraday St forced seven households to leave their properties on Saturday. All but one have since been allowed to return.

The owner of the remaining affected property, Brendon Gibbs, says he has his fingers crossed for the safety assessment.

He says he hopes repairs will be possible so his family can move back in, but thinks it may take up to two weeks before that happens.

He's also worried, he says, about the safety of his neighbours, because more rain is forecast and that may worsen the slip. His house could be pushed further across the street damaging other homes.

Civil Defence says about 200 streets in Napier were flooded during the weekend's rain.