1 Jun 2010

Constables choke up giving evidence against colleagues

6:59 pm on 1 June 2010

Two Dunedin police constables have become emotional while giving evidence against two colleagues accused of kicking a man they were arresting in February last year.

Constables Duncan Hollebon and Brenton Rooney are on trial for assault at the Dunedin District Court.

Constables Johnathon Dunn and Lachlan McDonald said they were restraining and handcuffing the man when Mr Hollebon kicked him three times in the body and Mr Rooney kicked him once in the head.

Mr Dunn admitted he didn't record any kicking in his notebook, job sheets or reports, and didn't tell a senior officer about it until his next shift.

'Didn't want to get them in trouble'

Both witnesses became tearful when explaining why they didn't report the incident immediately.

Mr Dunn said he didn't want to get his colleagues in trouble, though he felt their actions were wrong. Mr McDonald said that as a junior officer he looked up to the defendants, who were senior to him.

He said he thought twice about reporting it because he knew it would end up in court and thought that that would make his life awkward.

Mr McDonald seemed to have difficulty speaking when he recounted how the defendants had taken him aside and told him the complainant injured himself falling off his motorbike.