17 Jul 2010

Community groups fault council's Waterview wishlist

2:45 pm on 17 July 2010

Community groups affected by the Waterview motorway connection say the Auckland City Council has failed to fight for what they want.

The council has put forward a list of compensation measures it wants the Transport Agency to consider for affected residents, but the groups say it's not asking for enough.

The council's mitigation list includes expanding a reserve for sports fields, providing a new cycle and walking bridge for improved access to the fields, and creating a new bus lane.

The NorthWestern Community Association says the suggestions are inadequate and lack ambition - for instance, says association chair Bill McKay, the idea of replacing Waterview park, an active sportsfield, with an esplanade.

The chairperson of the council's transport committee, Ken Baguley, says he thinks most of the measures on the list can be achieved.

He says, though, that some things are likely to be unachievable, such as a footpath and cycleway bridge connecting Waterview with Pt Chevalier.