26 Aug 2010

Speed crackdown boosts fine revenue

11:47 am on 26 August 2010

A crackdown on speeding drivers during Queen's Birthday weekend netted an extra $247,470 in speed camera fines.

During the holiday, the police targeted motorists going more than 4 km/h over the speed limit.

Normally, drivers are permitted a 10 km/h margin of error.

Some 8249 motorists were caught on camera speeding between 5 -10 km/h.

Each received a $30 fine.

National Road Police Manager Paula Rose says the crackdown was not a revenue gathering exercise.

She told Morning Report there was no financial target and the money goes to central Government.

The Queens Birthday road toll was the lowest in 54 years, with one death.

The College of Surgeons says it is in favour of a permanent crackdown on motorists breaking the speed limit by less than 10 km/h but the police say they are not considering lowering the tolerance permanently.

However Paula Rose says they are considering their next public holiday strategy.

The Automobile Association says officers used their discretion when pulling over motorists during Queen's Birthday weekend, a consideration not afforded to those caught on camera.