30 Aug 2010

Rise in deaths from accidents in the home

8:17 pm on 30 August 2010

The number of deaths as a result of accidents in the home continues to increase, with 12 people per week dying in 2009, figures show.

Latest home injury statistics have been issued by the Accident Compensation Corporation as part of Safety Week.

Injuries in the home decreased between 2008 and 2009, but deaths from accidents in the home rose 17 to 621.

The most common causes of injuries in the home are slips, trips and falls. ACC says there are 87 stair-related accidents every day and 17,000 accidents in bathrooms each year.

ACC says the increase is alarming and many of these accidents could be avoided by simple measures.

Injury prevention consultant Kelly Maung says people are being encouraged to use non-slip bath mats in their bath or shower and on the bathroom floor, and to use a shower rack or shelf to clear away clutter.

Ms Maung says 40% of homes have dangerously hot water. It should be no hotter than 55 degrees celsius at the tap.