2 Sep 2010

Maori elder dismisses 'absurd' foreshore fears

7:01 am on 2 September 2010

A Hokianga Maori elder says Pakeha have nothing to fear from the Government's new foreshore and seabed legislation.

ACT MP David Garrett told a public meeting in Whangarei that he has already heard of Pakeha being ordered off beaches in the north.

But Rudi Taylor says that, in Hokianga, Maori have always shared the coastline with their Pakeha neighbours and it is absurd to suggest that will change.

Mr Taylor says it may suit some politicians to have Maori and Pakeha fighting over the foreshore and seabed but there is no need for it.

It is expected iwi will gain customary title to substantial parts of Northland's west coast.