3 Sep 2010

Friday's newspaper headlines

8:21 am on 3 September 2010

Child support system set for shake-up; backdown on Auckland bus lanes; opposition to foreign investment labelled racism.

NZ Herald

Auckland City Council is said to have hit the brakes on bus lanes. The council says it will now treat motorists more leniently and fairly and will push lawmakers to cut fines of $150 in half. The backdown follows a Herald campaign over flaws in bus-lane policing.

The days of TVNZ workers splurging on company plastic have ended. The state broadcaster is to cut up hundreds of credit cards to avoid what is called misleading publicity.

Dominion Post

The minister charged with deciding whether a Chinese company can buy a large chunk of New Zealand dairy farms says opposition to foreign investment is more about racism than overseas ownership. Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson will be required to sign off on a bid by Chinese company Natural Dairy to buy 16 North Island dairy farms.

Up to 500 elderly or disabled people who receive help around the house will have their assistance axed as Wellington's district health board tries to save money.

The Press

New Zealand's child-support system looks set for the biggest shake-up in nearly 20 years. Revenue Minister Peter Dunne has outlined potential reforms for the system which covers more than 210,000 children.

Christchurch's planned underground bus exchange will be canned if Jim Anderton becomes mayor but incumbent Bob Parker says it will be a vital part of the city's public transport future. The two leading mayoral candidates debated transport issues on Thursday.

Otago Daily Times

The paper reports convicted fraudster Michael Swann has been ordered to pay $6 million to the Crown and forfeit $4.4 million worth of property bought with money stolen from Otago District Health Board.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce is guaranteeing that Dunedin bus companies will be compensated if they can continue to be part of the SuperGold card free transport scheme.