6 Sep 2010

Murder trial begins

1:25 pm on 6 September 2010

A trial has begun in the High Court at Napier of a man charged with murder, attempted murder and aggravated burglary.

In August last year, police arrested Wilson Apatu, 40, from Waikoau, a settlement about 47km north west of Napier, following a double shooting there.

Layden Rameka, 35, died and his eight year old son was shot in the arm.

Prosecutor Jo Reilly says she will present evidence that the accused had a fight with Mr Rameka on the morning of the shootings, over the behaviour of his two oldest children.

Several hours later, he took a semi automatic rifle and returned to the house where Mr Rameka was living with his partner and six children.

Mr Rameka was shot four times at point blank range, with one of the bullets hitting his son, Zepplen, in the right arm.