13 Sep 2010

Senior doctors accept interim pay deal

5:16 pm on 13 September 2010

Senior doctors say they have accepted an interim pay rise while their wider salary issues are studied further.

The deal was announced by doctors and district health boards on Monday afternoon.

Senior doctors have been fighting for a process agreed with the Government to address an estimated 30% to 35% pay gap between them and their Australian counterparts.

In what both sides say is an innovative "holding pattern", the doctors have agreed to accept a 2% pay rise on 31 January.

In the meantime, both parties will work on a joint business case, including salary, which is to be competed in October to fit in with preparations for the Goverment's next Budget.

Senior doctors and DHBs say the business case will provide more detail on recruitment and retention of senior medical staff.

They say when the outcome of the business case is known, by late December, substantive pay talks will resume.