24 Sep 2010

$60 million awarded to science by Marsden Fund

3:32 pm on 24 September 2010

Some 102 researchers have benefitted from $60 million from the Marsden Fund - research grants which are administered by the Royal Society.

They were chosen from nearly 1100 applicants.

Among the research chosen, is a $600,000 project that will examine whether New Zealand's native birds smell more than other birds, and if this makes them a target for introduced predators.

Most of the research will be done by analysing waxes on the birds's feathers. However, the nose will also come into play.

If successful, the research could lead to a synthetic bird smell, which could be placed in traps to confuse predators.

Most of the projects have been funded for three years.

The Marsden Fund is funded by the Government.