26 Sep 2010

Murderer wants to meet with his victim's family

8:03 pm on 26 September 2010

A man who bludgeoned to death an Oamaru woman 15 years ago and tried to rape her daughter, wants to meet with his victim's family.

Anthony Phillip Hitchcock is serving sentences of life and preventive detention for the axe murder and attempted rape.

A Parole Board report says Hitchcock, who is 53, has been compliant and well-behaved in prison.

Earlier this month, he told the board he is prepared to face any of his victims relatives who want answers in a restorative justice meeting.

The victims family told the Board they remain strongly opposed to Hitchcock being granted parole, and question whether his progress is real or manipulated.

Even after more than 100 sessions with a prison psychologist, the Board says it remains concerned that Hitchcock hasn't accepted responsibility for his offending.

He has been denied parole, and will reappear before the Board in August 2011.