30 Sep 2010

Govt funding for more new apple and pear varieties

8:28 pm on 30 September 2010

The Government has committed another $10.8 million to pipfruit research to help speed up the process of developing and commercialising new apple and pear varieties.

It's the second contribution from FORST to the new varieties programme, matching funding from a consortium of New Zealand and Australian pipfruit interests.

Prevar, a joint-venture company formed six years ago. has issued a number of new apple and pear pipfruit varieties bred by Plant and Food Research.

Chief executive Dr Brett Ennis says the renewed funding is for another seven years and will allow Plant and Food to apply new science to accelerate the programmes.

Science Minister Wayne Mapp says the pipfruit project is the latest in a series of primary industry research projects to get Government support.

It is also funding Radiata Pine and sheep breeding research and development of new kiwifruit varieties.