30 Sep 2010

More artificial sports turfs planned for Wellington

3:18 pm on 30 September 2010

Wellington could have four new artificial sports grounds by next winter after a season plagued by cancellations due to wet weather.

Wellington City Council on Wednesday night voted to build one turf and another three will be built, subject to funding from the private sector.

About 40% of football games were cancelled this season and some rugby teams have only managed to train four times.

Most councillors agreed more artificial turfs are needed on top of the current two.

However, some were concerned that the proposal, stitched together by councillor John Morrison, was being rushed through and accused him of pre-election point-scoring.

The approved turf will be built at Wakefield Park in Island Bay, and will cost $1.5 million - $500,000 of which has been secured from private investors.