1 Oct 2010

Junior doctors continue campaign over vacancy levels

6:47 pm on 1 October 2010

Junior hospital doctors have renewed their campaign over doctor shortages while they consider a new national pay offer.

The Resident Doctors' Association on Friday highlighted vacancies on shifts covered by junior doctors at the Auckland region's district health boards.

It says the DHBs are 25% short of doctors, which has led to 350 vacancies on shifts.

The DHBs say they have 1091 junior doctors and just 109 vacancies - a three-year low.

Dr Walker says the union sees no need to remain silent about its concerns.

"We do have an offer to take back to our members and that's great ... but it's only a start in the process of actually keeping our health system sustainable.

"As long as the gaps in our rosters appear, as long as there's not a doctor there when patients should have one, we will continue to speak out about that."

Dr Walker says the offer is being considered by members, but the union never makes a recommendation to them.