4 Oct 2010

Kahui gave CPR to one son, inquest told

6:16 pm on 4 October 2010

An inquest into the deaths of the Kahui twins has been told their father gave one of the babies CPR but did not seek further medical attention, though the child's breathing sounded like he was sucking through a straw.

Three-month-old twins Chris and Cru Kahui suffered fatal head injuries in June 2006.

Their father, Chris Kahui, was acquitted of their murder in May 2008 after a five-week trial. No one else has been charged in relation to their deaths.

Detective Sergeant Christopher Barry, a senior officer involved in the case, gave evidence at the inquest at Auckland District Court on Monday.

He said Mr Kahui was alone in the twins' room for about 10 minutes before his sister came in and noticed one of them looking blue around the lips.

Mr Barry says Mr Kahui administered CPR and the child started raggedly breathing again, with gaps of about 40 seconds.

He says that while there was a discussion about whether or not to call an ambulance, Mr Kahui told family members present that the child was breathing again and that "he should be fine now".

'Nothing new worth investigating'

Det Sgt Barry also told the inquest that a lack of new information has prevented the case from being investigated further.

Under cross-examination, he was asked by Mr Kahui's lawyer, Chris Wilkinson-Smith, if it was fair for the public to expect the police to take a fresh look at the case.

He replied that there has not been any substantial new information to investigate.

He defended police actions, stating that those witnesses spoken to by police had nothing new to add.

Father to give evidence

Mr Kahui, who is present at the inquest with his partner and her parents, will give evidence for the first time about the deaths of his sons.

Mr Wilkinson-Smith has told the inquest that his client is hoping answers will be provided about how they died, and wants to give evidence as a witness and a parent of two children who were violently taken from him.

Mr Wilkinson-Smith says Mr Kahui is looking for the coroner to view the evidence provided to the inquest with a fresh pair of eyes.

The twins' mother, Macsyna King, is due to give evidence on Tuesday.