22 Oct 2010

Jetstar plane makes emergency landing

12:13 pm on 22 October 2010

Jetstar has confirmed a passenger plane on its way from Christchurch to Sydney made an emergency landing using a single engine, when the other failed.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, when the Airbus A320 with 118 passengers on board was about 15 minutes from Sydney.

There have been media reports that some passengers and flight attendants were in tears during the incident and also claims that flames and smoke were billowing from the engine.

Jetstar spokesperson Simon Westerway, says fuel was dumped during the descent but the plane was under control.

He says smoke is likely to appear when fuel is dumped from a high-powered engine.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau says it is not investigating but has been informed that Jetstar is doing a technical examination of the aircraft engine.