27 Oct 2010

Family of wrongly-accused woman wants officer recalled

11:46 am on 27 October 2010

The son-in-law of a woman wrongly accused of arson is says one of the officers criticised over her case should be recalled from a top job in London.

Former Bay of Plenty district commander Superintendent Gary Smith has been given a job as a police liaison officer in London.

He was one of a group of senior officers criticised by the Independent Police Conduct Authority over the case of Mii Teokotai, a Justice of the Peace wrongly accused of arson.

Mrs Teokokai's son-in-law, David White, says Mr Smith has been given a plum job and should be sent home.

But Deputy Police Commissioner Rob Pope says the appointment was made after considering Mr Smith's entire career.

He says Mr Smith is well-regarded for his work in a challenging position.

Mr Pope says Mr Smith was reprimanded for not re-checking that a complaint about the case had been properly reported.