30 Oct 2010

Rob Pope concerned at allegations against officer

4:16 pm on 30 October 2010

One of the country's top police officers says he's concerned by accusations made against a former Bay of Plenty district commander, Gary Smith.

Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope has confirmed that there was a sexual harassment complaint against Superintendent Smith, as he was then, in 2003 but says the complaint was not upheld and no settlement was made in relation to it.

He acknowledges, however, that other unrelated matters, not involving Mr Smith, did result in a settlement with the same complainant.

Mr Pope says an employment lawyer, Peter Cullen, reviewed Mr Smith's work last year, before Mr Smith was appointed as the police liaison officer in London.

He says the review found that Mr Smith "engaged in many proactive and positive management behaviours and that overall his management practices were satisfactory and we had no cause for concern".

Mr Pope says police are obliged to maintain confidentiality and are limited by what they can say in public.