16 Dec 2010

Council agrees to $500,000 review of Wellington's waterfront

6:20 am on 16 December 2010

The Wellington City Council has agreed to a review of how the city's waterfront should operate.

The study, which could cost up to $500,000, will consider whether the waterfront should continue to be managed by an organisation on behalf of the council, be downsized or moved in-house.

The review was called for by the waterfront's board, which has less work because of the recession, has halved its staff in the past two years, and has reduced its operating budget by $450,000.

Wellington's deputy mayor, Ian McKinnon, says it's important the waterfront organisation is reviewed after being in place for 10 years, but is unhappy with what it may cost.

He says the review should happen faster than the 10 months suggested, and at a far cheaper price.