21 Dec 2010

Some parents confused by school reports

8:30 pm on 21 December 2010

Some parents say they are confused by school reports featuring the national standards in reading, writing and maths.

Primary and intermediate schools finished for the year last week and most sent home end-of-year reports using the standards.

Many schools have replaced comparisons to age-level averages with comparisons to the national standards in reading, writing and maths.

Some parents spoken to by Radio New Zealand News say the national standards information is confusing or means little.

Others say the reports are not much different from last year's, although several parents note the inclusion of next steps to help them guide their children's learning.

Radio New Zealand's education correspondent says this year is the first that parents have encountered the standards in their children's school reports.

Both schools and the Government say it might take them some time to get it right.