10 Jan 2011

New tourism campaign adds 'you' to '100% Pure'

11:57 am on 10 January 2011

An environmental group fears the Government has changed New Zealand's marketing brand to play down the country's green credentials, but Tourism New Zealand says it's just adding another element.

The tourist organisation is adding the word 'you' to its old advertising brand, which now become '100% Pure You'.

Environmental groups vigorously embraced the old '100% Pure' brand, using it as an argument for protecting wilderness areas, promoting restoration projects and rejecting genetic engineering in food.

Soil and Health Association spokesperson Steffan Browning says it appears the Government is shying away from what could be regarded as something of a performance standard.

Tourism New Zealand marketing general manager Justin Watson says the campaign's only agenda is to convince people from overseas to visit, and says the new advertising will still showcase this country's environment.

He says the marketing organisation has done a good job in making people aware of New Zealand and its stunning scenery, and is now focussing on what people can do when they come here.

Mr Watson says the campaign change has been made inside this year's $94 million budget for overseas marketing.