12 Jan 2011

EPMU wants extra days off

7:13 pm on 12 January 2011

The Engineering, Printing & Manufacturing Union wants extra public holidays to make up for neither ANZAC Day nor Waitangi Day being a separate public holiday this year.

New Zealanders will have only nine out of 11 possible public holidays this year because ANZAC Day falls on Easter Monday and Waitangi Day is on Sunday, 6 February.

EPMU national secretary Andrew Little, who is also the president of the Labour Party, says many employers have agreed to add at least one more day off into employment contracts.

He says it's not just about an extra holiday.

Prime Minister John Key says the issue is not on the agenda this year.

No problem - RSA

The Returned & Services Association says it has no concerns about ANZAC Day falling on Easter Monday this year.

Labour has drafted a bill guaranteeing a day off for each public holiday, regardless of when it falls. Party leader Phil Goff says he hopes the bill will be drawn from the ballot box this year.

However, RSA president Don McIver says very little will change despite ANZAC Day falling on Easter Monday.

He says whether a separate public holiday should be held is a subject for national debate.