14 Jan 2011

Freedom campers causing stink in Hawea

4:25 pm on 14 January 2011

Lake Hawea residents fed up with freedom campers fouling local picnic spots are calling on the Government to take responsibility.

The Hawea Community Association closed three popular picnic spots near the South Island lake last year because campers were dumping human waste.

Association president Rachel Brown says the areas were cleaned up and reopened before Christmas, but the problem is now worse.

Ms Brown says campers who hire vans with no toilet facilities should be banned from staying at picnic areas and the companies which lease vans without toilets are not taking responsibility for the problem.

Ms Brown says that while the Queenstown Lakes District Council is working on a policy to remedy the problem, the Government needs to step in.

A hard-hitting education campaign telling visitors not to foul the environment should begin immediately, she says.