16 Jan 2011

NZ volunteers 'make progress' in flood clean up

3:02 pm on 16 January 2011

The New Zealand flood relief team in Queensland says it is making steady progress in cleaning up a town 210 kilometres north-west of Brisbane.

Fifteen New Zealand response team volunteers have been working in Dalby, a town of about 12,000 residents, which is among the many areas devastated by flooding this week.

The team has been cleaning up to 10 houses a day and carrying out damage assessments.

Spokesperson Ian Wilson says conditions are very trying because of the heat and humidity, and the swarms of mosquitos and midges.

Mr Wilson says the team will help local people move back into their homes.

NZ church offers help

The Anglican Church has offered to send clergy to Queensland to help provide pastoral care and relieve the strain on churches there.

The Archbishop of the New Zealand Diocese, David Moxon, says four priests are prepared to assist.

He says there could be many funerals, and grief for many families.