20 Jan 2011

Marshall supports senior police working frontline shifts

3:52 pm on 20 January 2011

The new Commissioner of Police says he is in favour of senior managers working night shifts on the frontline to stay in touch with their staff.

An announcement on Wednesday that Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope is retiring followed a report critical of senior managers and a failure to change police culture.

The report reviewed changes made after rape accusations against officers led to a Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct in 2007.

It said senior managers fail to take bold action to show poor performance will not be tolerated and that quality of management varies tremendously.

Peter Marshall, who is currently in charge of policing in Solomon Islands, will become commissioner in April.

He told Summer Report it would be inappropriate to comment on the specifics of the report, however, he said he supports its recommendation that managers work occasional late shifts.

Mr Marshall said frontline officers need to know that staff at headquarters are aware of their situation.

Key defends police

Prime Minister John Key on Thursday defended police following the release of the critical report on police management.

Mr Key told Summer Noelle that he would not like to see police morale damaged as a result of the report.

While some changes are required, he said he thinks police do a wonderful job for New Zealanders.