31 Jan 2011

Nine injured after deck collapses

3:28 pm on 31 January 2011

Nine people have been injured after a deck collapsed during a party at a house north of Auckland.

Emergency services were called to the house on Kitty Frazer Lane in Omaha at 10.20pm on Sunday.

The Fire Service says the deck was on the second storey of a house and says it believes the structure collapsed because it was overloaded.

Two people were flown to Auckland Hospital, four were taken to the hospital by road and three others taken to North Shore Hospital by road.

As at midday on Monday, Auckland City Hospital said one woman remained in the ward with a broken ankle, while two people were in a stable condition in the orthopaedic ward at North Shore Hospital.

Fire Officer Shaun Pilgram estimates the deck fell about two metres.

Mr Pilgram says the home was rented for a weekend to a group thought to be in their mid-20s.

An inspector from the Auckland Council was visiting the house on Monday and the findings of the inpector's investigation will be handed to police.