2 Feb 2011

Cathedral Cove closed by 250kg rockfall

10:54 am on 2 February 2011

The Department of Conservation has closed Coromandel's Cathedral Cove after a large rockfall.

DOC says the natural archway in Coromandel has lost a piece of rock weighing about 250 kilograms, and further rockfalls are possible.


Heavy rains and winds from Cyclone Wilma last weekend also washed away most of the tracks to Cathedral Cove.

Four out of the five staircase sections leading the area are wrecked, the department said.

DoC's Hauraki area manager Melissa King-Howell says the area is very dangerous and has been roped off with barrier tape, but a number of visitors are defying the ban and going over barriers to get to the shore.

Ms Melissa King-Howell says it will take some days to check all the tracks, and could take months to fully repair.