8 Feb 2011

NZ woman dies in Thailand, food poisoning suspected

10:26 pm on 8 February 2011

A New Zealand woman holidaying in Thailand is dead and two others seriously ill after suffering what is believed to be severe food poisoning.

The women became sick in Chiang Mai on Friday night while on a three-week trip to Thailand and Vietnam.

Sarah Carter, 23, felt very unwell after dining with friends Amanda Eliason and Emma Langlands at a market where they ate different types of food.

The accountant from Wellington lost consciousness and died at the weekend.

Ms Eliason, 24, is in intensive care recovering from emergency heart surgery on Tuesday. A pump had to be inserted into the heart to keep it beating.

Her mother, Kay Eliason, told Checkpoint hospital staff reacted quickly after seeing Ms Carter's condition deteriorate.

The pump was removed on Monday and she says her daughter is recovering well.

Ms Langlands, 23, remains in a general ward.

Ms Carter worked at accountancy firm BDO Spicers. A partner at the company, Euan Playle, says staff were in a state of shock and disbelief when told of her death.

Mr Playle described Ms Carter as a super young woman who was very mature, outgoing and one of a kind.