11 Feb 2011

Woman found not guilty of defrauding Health Ministry

5:24 pm on 11 February 2011

A woman accused of defrauding the Ministry of Health of thousands of dollars has been found not guilty.

The woman, who has permanent name suppression, was charged with one charge of forgery and seven charges of dishonestly using a document.

The charges related to $18,000 of carer support payments the woman received between February 2006 and September 2008 for people to help care for her disabled daughter.

In the Wellington District Court, the Crown accused the woman of claiming support payments from the Government, but not passing on all of that money to the carers.

The defence said the woman was the victim of a witch-hunt, after she gave evidence at another case involving the Ministry of Health.

It told the jury the ministry had approached this case determined to find something wrong with the woman's documents.