17 Feb 2011

Police want system to override radio calls

8:59 am on 17 February 2011

The Police Association says radio problems highlighted in the trial of a man charged with shooting an officer show a better system is needed.

Neshanderan Rajgopaul is before the High Court in Auckland charged with attempting to murder Constable Jeremy Snow in 2009.

Constable Snow was shot while he and a fellow officer were checking on a stolen car in Papatoetoe.

Constable Robert Cato told the court on Wednesday that a priority transmission he made from the scene was not received because a communications operator was giving a long-winded description to a senior sergeant.

Police Association president Greg O'Connor told Morning Report newer technology is needed.

He says the communications centres can use a button to override calls and the same system should be available on officers' handheld radios.

Retired Detective Inspector Graham Bell says the situation can not be allowed to happen again.