17 Feb 2011

Brother and sister who organised fatal attack jailed

7:19 pm on 17 February 2011

A brother and sister who paid a Mongrel Mob member to rough up the woman's son-in-law in what turned into a fatal attack have been jailed for three years.

Susan Bragger, 45, and Sean Hawke, 51, were sentenced in the High Court in Wellington on Thursday.

Bragger was upset that her son-in-law Raymond Piper had caused a fight at her daughter's 21st birthday and Hawke she wanted him to be taught a lesson.

With her brother's help she paid Ainsley Anderson $3500 to carry out the attack, but Anderson ended up fatally stabbing Mr Piper when he fought back.

Bragger and Hawke's lawyers both sought home detention.

Justice Gendall said they had taken the law into their own hands and when Bragger changed her mind about wanting Mr Piper hurt she failed to warn him or tell police of what had been planned.

The judge said they acted as vigilantes and must be jailed.

Before the sentencing, there was a scuffle outside the court between members of Mr Piper's family and relatives of Bragger and Hawke.

Mr Piper's sister Aroha Piper says her family is disappointed by the length of the sentence but is glad home detention had not been imposed.

She says the family doubts Bragger had actually changed her mind about wanting the beating to take place.