22 Feb 2011

Warriors help with healthy eating choices

9:08 pm on 22 February 2011

The Warriors rugby league team are working with the Health Sponsorship Council to encourage Maori and Pacific children to make healthier food choices.

Rugby League New Zealand's community programmes manager, Dain Guttenbeil, says that as part of the League 4 Life Healthy Breakfast Eaters programme, team members have attended Community Roots camps and helped dish out a simple breakfast of cereal, a drink and some toast with spread.

Mr Guttenbeil told Waatea News that an estimated 36,000 children come to school without eating breakfast at home - and said Pacific children are five times, and Maori children two and a half times, more likely than Pakeha to skip breakfast.

He says the former star player Reuben Wiki will be at a camp in Taranaki this weekend.