1 Mar 2011

Ministry asks Norway to investigate yacht's disappearance

9:32 pm on 1 March 2011

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has asked Norway to investigate the disappearance of a yacht with three men aboard in an Antarctic storm.

The yacht was the support vessel for two Norwegians, Jarle Andhoy and Samuel Massie, who were on a mission to ride quad bikes to the South Pole.

The men abandoned their pole quest after finding out the yacht was missing.

The yacht has vanished and the three crew are believed to have perished.

Mr Andhoy and Mr Massie have been criticised for being under-prepared, and for not telling authorities of their plans.

Ministry officials met Norwegian authorities and Mr Andhoy on Tuesday.

It says given three lives have likely been lost, it has asked Norway to conduct an investigation .

It says Norway and New Zealand will continue to work together in relation to the incident.