7 Mar 2011

Wellington council rates to go up to fund leaky homes bill

3:18 pm on 7 March 2011

Wellington City council has proposed a 3.8% rates rise to help pay for its $88 million leaky homes bill.

Leaky home settlements are expected to cost $8.8 million this year, $2.2 million of which will be funded by rates and the remainder borrowed.

The council says up to $1.6 million can be saved by slashing grants, deferring environmental projects, reducing funding for sportsfield maintenance and closing the public library earlier.

Fee increases for services ranging from 2.5% to 25% are also on the table for a range of services, including the landfill, parking and sports turfs.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says those fee rises are minor, and smaller increases each year are better than a big hike every five years.

She says the council will not consider new projects this year.