10 Mar 2011

CYF files often lack crucial information - Angus

2:01 pm on 10 March 2011

The Children's Commissioner says the information used to justify Child Youth and Family intervention is often patchy.

John Angus told a parliamentary select committee on Wednesday that part of his office's role is to monitor government agencies tasked with the care and protection of children.

He says the office often comes across Child and Youth and Family files that lack basic information.

In some cases, he says, the decision is recorded - but not the reasons for it, which goes against good practice.

He says such cases are more often dealing with child neglect, rather than sexual or serious physical abuse.

Welfare recommendations faulted

Mr Angus also told the committee he feels uneasy about some of the recommendations in the recently released Welfare Working Group report.

He says he takes issue with the suggestion that beneficiary parents who don't ensure their children attend school could have their income managed by a third person.

Mr Angus says the reasons for truancy vary and can be a result of the home environment, or something happening at school.

He says people aren't supposed to be discriminated against because of their source of income.

Mr Angus says he'd question why other parents would not have to face similar obligations.