11 Mar 2011

Accused's faults don't make him guilty - lawyer

4:35 pm on 11 March 2011

The lawyer for a man accused of shooting a police officer agrees his client may not be a nice person but says that does not mean he pulled the trigger.

Neshanderan Rajgopaul is defending a charge of attempted murder following the shooting of Constable Jeremy Snow in South Auckland 2009.

In his closing remarks in the High Court at Auckland, lawyer Ron Mansfield told jurors they wouldn't want the defendant over for a barbecue - but that doesn't mean he was the one who shot Constable Snow four times.

Mr Rajgopaul has admitted using methamphetamine, handling weapons and running errands for drug dealers, but denies shooting Constable Snow.

Mr Mansfield told jurors that Mr Rajgopaul and his associates occupy a grubby little world.

"I have no doubt you will not like Mr Rajgopaul, you won't want to see him again, you won't want to have a barbecue with him and you certainly won't want him introduced to a brother, sister or daughter."

However, he told jurors they needed to put aside their personal feelings.

He said there was strong evidence that another man, Darrin Court, was to blame for the shooting.

The judge is due to sum up on Monday before the jury retires to consider its verdict.