15 Mar 2011

Home detention for ACC manager who took bribes

3:00 pm on 15 March 2011

A former property manager for the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) who admitted taking cash and gifts in return for information and other favours he did for people he met through his work has avoided a jail sentence.

Malcolm Mason, 50, earlier pleaded guilty in Wellington District Court on three charges of bribery and corruption. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to 11 months' home detention.

In 2009, Mason was paid $160,000 after he arranged for ACC to rent premises in Whangarei from a person known to him.

He also received a trip to the Singapore Grand Prix, after recommending ACC lease space in a Wellington building owned by someone he knew.

Mason also provided inside information to a security contractor.

Judge Denys Barry said Mason's offending was an insidious erosion of the integrity of a Government agency and the Government service generally.

However he said Mason had offered to repay the $160,000 and had cooperated with investigating authorities.