24 Mar 2011

TVNZ fined over Bain documentary

7:38 pm on 24 March 2011

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has fined Television New Zealand over a documentary it screened about David Bain's retrial on charges of murdering members of his family.

The Case Against Robin Bain re-examined evidence presented by the defence connecting Mr Bain's father Robin Bain to the 1994 killings in Dunedin.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority says TVNZ breached standards of fairness over its dealings with a witness in the trial.

The authority says it considers the documentary would have left most viewers with the impression that the witness, Daryl Young, had given false evidence.

It upheld Mr Young's complaint that he was not given a fair and reasonable opportunity to respond to the questions raised about his evidence.

It ordered TVNZ to pay Mr Young $1500 in legal fees.

However, the authority declined to make a decision on Mr Young's complaint that there were inaccuracies in the programme.