29 Mar 2011

Naval chef on trial for sex charge

6:16 pm on 29 March 2011

The court-martial of a naval rating charged with sexually violating a female sailor while overseas has started in Auckland.

Able Chef Penehe Sola, 22, is accused of violating and trying to have sex with a female sailor while on shore in the United States.

The prosecution told the hearing in Auckland on Monday that the incident happened at a hotel in San Diego after a group of sailors had been drinking in one of the rooms.

It says Penehe Sola and the complainant, who were good friends at the time, excused themselves and went into another room.

The prosecution says Mr Sola repeatedly propositioned the complainant and she declined the advances.

It says he then pushed the woman on her back, holding her arms while he violated her.

The prosecution says she repeatedly asked him to stop, and when he then tried to have sex with her, she got an arm free and slapped him, bringing him to his senses.

The hearing is expected to take a week.