29 Mar 2011

Hughes complaint revealed as one of sexual assault

9:45 pm on 29 March 2011

A High Court judge's injunction prohibiting identification of the man who has laid a complaint against former Labour MP Darren Hughes has revealed that the complaint is one of sexual assault.

Mr Hughes resigned as an MP last week, after it became public that the complaint had been laid.

The complainant says he applied for the injunction because he feared his name or identifying details were about to be published.

He argued that in filing his complaint with police, he had a right to privacy.

In his decision, Justice Dobson agrees with that, saying there is no public interest in disclosing the complainant's name. Publication of it or of any details that might identify him is therefore banned.

The order, which covers all media organisations and internet commentators, makes it clear that the 18-year-old man has laid a complaint of sexual assault against Mr Hughes.

Mr Hughes insists he has done nothing wrong and says he is co-operating with the police inquiry.