31 Mar 2011

Container explosion at Wellington port

8:11 am on 31 March 2011

Wellington's port company says it has ordered a full inquiry into an explosion in a shipping container.

The container was being fumigated at the south end of CentrePort when it blew up just before 5am on Thursday.

The Fire Service says the blast caused a hazardous fire, which has been put out.

Centre Port chief executive Blair O'Keefe confirmed there was a car and other items in the container and the explosion happened in the port's fumigation area.

Mr O'Keefe said the incident was serious, but is pleased no one was injured and there was no other damage to the port.

He said he did not know what caused the explosion and a full investigation is under way.

Police say they were contacted by residents across the city to say they were woken by the blast.