1 Apr 2011

New recycling bins, bags on way for Wellington

3:00 pm on 1 April 2011

New recycling wheelie bins and bags are on the way to Wellington households.

The council's city operations manager, Mike Mendonca, says that about 34,000 households will get bins while 27,000 get bags.

The reason not everyone's getting a bin is Wellington's terrain.

"Many of our houses don't have street frontages or are on narrow windy streets," Mr Mendonca says, "which means that many of our streets aren't suitable for wheelie bins.

"So we've had to through quite a process in assessing all of the streets that aren't suitable and safe to collect on... It's not quite as simple as it has been for other parts of New Zealand."

Mr Mendonca says the green crates used up to now for all recycling can still be used for glass products; rubbish collection remains the same.