6 Apr 2011

Residents protest at unruly youngsters

8:27 am on 6 April 2011

A hikoi appears to have stemmed the anti-social behaviour of a small group of young people who were terrorising a Whangarei suburb.

The president of the Otangarei branch of the Maori Women's Welfare League, Noreen Moorhouse, told Waatea News a group of mainly young teen girls was hanging out behind the local marae, breaking bottles, partying until all hours and scrawling graffiti on walls in the area.

She says more than 200 children and adults marched through the suburb last week in protest, and since then graffiti seems to have eased off and the girls are going home more.

Ms Moorhouse says the march included league members, pupils from two kura kaupapa and many residents both Maori and Pakeha.