13 Apr 2011

Jump in helpline calls about bullying

2:42 pm on 13 April 2011

A children's helpline has recorded a marked increase in calls related to bullying.

Kidsline chief executive Jo Denvir says there have been almost 90% more calls about bullying over the internet and 11% more from children under the age of 14 than this time last year.

Ms Denver says many of the calls relate to children being pushed or hit and then having videos of the bullying uploaded to the internet.

"There seems to be some kind of mana being attached to being a bully so we are working really hard with schools to try and make it uncool," she says.

"There needs to be some kind of massive national programme on ensuring bullying is uncool."

Ms Denvir says if children or teenagers want to talk about bullying or any problems they are having they can call 0800 KIDSLINE.