19 Apr 2011

Morning Report: local papers

7:26 am on 19 April 2011

Tuesday's headlines: Mother's diet is key to baby's future weight; money stolen from Japanese earthquake donation boxes; CTV makes its first broadcast since the earthquake that destroyed its headquarters.

New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald features a groundbreaking study by Auckland University's Liggins Institute showing a link between a mother's diet and the chances of her baby becoming obese.

The study shows a connection between a diet low in carbohydrates and children who go on to experience weight problems.

It also reports that thieves stole $3500 from donation boxes containing funds for the Japanese earthquake relief fund.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post leads with efforts by property developer Terry Serepisos to clear his debts and avoid bankruptcy.

A broken umbrella is pictured on the front page alongside coverage of the Monday's gale force winds and chilly temperatures across the lower North Island.

The Press

The Press leads with the 20-year non-parole sentence handed down on Malcolm George Chaston for murdering Vanessa Pickering.

There is also a story on CTV's first broadcast to Christchurch viewers since the earthquake on 22 February which destroyed the television station's headquarters and killed 16 staff.

Otago Daily Times

The Otago Daily Times leads with the conviction in the Queenstown District Court of two backpackers for assault and a warning from Judge Dominic Flatley that such behaviour from visitors to New Zealand will not be tolerated.

Former Kiwi rugby league captain Ruben Wiki is pictured visiting the city as part of a nationwide promotion of the code.

Police are calling for witnesses to the burning of a car belonging to one of the three men charged with murdering James Matthew Ellis, whose body was found north of Dunedin on Friday morning.