29 Apr 2011

Dean Wickliffe to be released from jail

6:54 pm on 29 April 2011

Convicted killer and jail-breaker Dean Wickliffe is to be freed from prison once again.

Wickcliffe, 62, was first jailed for the shooting death of a Wellington jeweller in 1972.

He is also known for twice escaping from the country's only maximum security prison at Paremoremo.

Wickliffe was later charged with murdering another man, but that conviction was quashed in 1998 and he was acquitted on retrial.

Last year, he was returned to jail on drug and firearms charges.

In a ruling issued on Friday, the Parole Board said Wickliffe would be released next month, subject to eight special conditions.

It says he still poses a moderate-to-high risk of reoffending, although psychologists reports show his risk has reduced with age.

Wickliffe will be paroled next month, and is to obey a curfew, avoid firearms and drugs, and undertake counselling.

In its decision, it said it was true to say that Wickliffe has had a significant career of crime, but that more recently things had changed for him.

He was released on parole when his partner became terminally ill and complied with conditions and committed no further offences, the board said

The statement said he was subsequently on electronic bail and complied with both his bail and parole requirements.