4 May 2011

Wellington parking set to become most expensive

7:35 pm on 4 May 2011

Wellington City Council's move to raise car parking charges will make the capital's streets the most expensive in New Zealand.

The council wants to boost the hourly rate from $4 to $5 and apply the charges for an extra two hours on weeknights.

The higher charges would apply until 8pm from Monday to Thursday and until 10pm on Friday.

The Wellington Employers Chamber of Commerce says it has been approached by businesses, concerned that the council is considering the wrong solution to raising funds.

The Hospitality Association says the central city will suffer and parking charges are already very high.

But the council says this would be the first increase since 2004 and it does not plan to raise the price again for another four years.

If approved, the extra costs would be introduced from July this year.

Parking charges across the country range from $4 an hour in Auckland to $3 in Dunedin.