5 May 2011

Govt accused of robbing Peter to pay Paul

3:58 pm on 5 May 2011

The Government is accused of robbing Peter to pay Paul for youth jobs schemes.

A pre-Budget package announced on Wednesday consists of two employer subsidy programmes and the extension of a six-week residential confidence bulding course run by the Defence Force.

It will cost $55 million over four years, from existing budgets.

Labour says the funding replaces only about half of what the Government has already taken out of skills and trade training programmes.

It says the number of young people looking for work has increased by 35% since National took office.

The ACT Party says it is a Lotto-style approach to youth unemployment, providing job subsidies for a few.

The Council of Trade Unions says more than 66,000 people under the age of 25, are out of work.

CTU secretary Peter Conway says unemployment is still too high.

He says money needs to go on schemes that will create new jobs, especially for young people.

Mr Conway says Australia is managing to restrict its rate to about 4.9%.